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Monday, February 18, 2013

I’m a Survivor: Winter Youth Camp 2013

I have been involved with youth ministry for about 8 years now and always consider it a badge of honor to survive youth camp. This past weekend was no different.

For those that have never attended youth camp, I will try and describe the experience from a young adult’s perspective. My perspective.
The weekend starts officially at the very moment on Friday evening when we begin to cram backpacks, pillows, sleeping bags, and suitcases into cars already overloaded with teens and pre-teens. Fortunately, there is always a junior high boy (or 5) that forgets his sleeping bag and pillow, so we always seem to have room for all of the luggage. The placed we were staying at this year was not too far, the car ride only lasted an hour, so there was not too much time for havoc to ensue. However, it IS enough time for kids to get carsick so we were on a diligent watch for emergency pullover sites, any containers that could be used for unexpected putrid fluids and of course, we knew at all times where the car window handles were located.

Upon arrival, there is always a portion of time where the kids tumble out of the vehicles to look around and gain their mountain feet. This is good as the girls needed mountain feet to make it up to their cabin.  I wasn’t too worried about the hike because I run. Unfortunately, I do not run up cliffs, so it became a work out every time I needed to get something out of the cabin. But in all seriousness, our cabin was awesome and the scenery was beautiful. This view confirms that verse that says:
"For His anger is but for a moment,
His favor is for a lifetime;
Weeping may last for the night,
But a shout of joy comes in the morning." Psalms 30:5

I can confidently tell the parents of the girl campers that we woman youth leaders don’t get ANY sleep the first night of camp, so should an emergency happen, we are alert and awake. Unfortunately, because we do not get any sleep on Friday night, I cannot say that we are as alert on Saturday night…So when I say that I “awoke” to a beautiful sunrise, in reality it was more like I joyfully and ecstatically realized the sun was finally rising, confirming that a sleepless night was soon to be over. Luckily, one of the best parts of camp is being able to look like a camper, so tired eyes can be somewhat masked by a beanie (look, I'd much rather post pics of everyone else, but I don't post pictures of the kids for privacy reasons).

As I saw the sun beginning to rise, I heard the other youth leader in the room, Jessica, tumble out of her bunk to use the bathroom around 6:30am. Unfortunately, we soon found out that our door was stuck shut. There is nothing like the inability to use the commode to make one begin to panic, so imagine how this might affect a room filled with 8 girls. I jumped out of bed and tried the door handle and it would not open the door. By this point, all the girls in the room were awake and a little concerned.  Our room was about 10 steps off the ground, so I thought that punching out the window might be the best solution to our problem, that way we could enter the cabin from the outside door. I aggressively lifted the window while simultaneously punching out the screen. Unfortunately, the window was too heavy to stay put once lifted, which I found out BECAUSE it was too heavy to stay put, so I held the window open while Jessica started her climb out said window-only hearing “Eye of the Tiger” at this exact moment could have made this experience more epic.  Unfortunately, the drop was longer than expected, so there were a few scrapes and bruises for that leader, and more importantly to me, I am pretty sure that a spider dropped on me at one point while I was holding that window open, but I remained strong. Parents, this is what we do for your kids. And THAT is how Saturday started off.

We had a morning session for the kids where we discussed identity issues. This session was soon followed by a trip to the snow. Thank you to whoever invented snow pants. I borrowed a pair of snow pants from a friend (I am definitely more of a beach person, so I own a ton of swim suits, and zero snow pants), and I am pretty sure they saved my life. This thought occurred to me while I was flying down a mountain, connected to a chain of kids on inner tubes, while looking back to see my inner tube trailing behind me. Thank you snow pants. Luckily we returned to camp with the same number of kids that we left with earlier that morning.
Saturday night at camp is always my favorite time. It comes after a long day of activities and sessions of course preceded by a night of no sleep. But we normally have a campfire on Saturday night and it is so relaxing and fun to hang out with the kids, just chatting and laughing. Oh wait, I almost forgot that the junior high boys like to fart into the fire, but other than that, Saturday nights at camp are so fun!

The drive back to town on Sunday is much quieter than it was leaving town on Friday, and to me, THAT is a sign that camp was good.
Why do I do this? Because it is incredibly important to me that young people know that God loves them, that they are created and accepted by the Creator who says they are valuable and that there is ALWAYS hope.

So with that, I leave you with another video I do not own:





Friday, February 8, 2013

Risk Taker

Risk Taker- Someone who risks loss or injury in the hope of gain or excitement.
I was recently asked in an interview the following question: “What would you change about yourself?”  Normally, I would have many answers for that question, but for whatever reason, I had one answer this time and it came close to immediately. I wish I was more of a risk taker.

I am going to want your input at the end, so pay attention. Living safely is fine, it is good, but to be honest…it is also boring, and right now I am bored. Now don’t get me wrong, I am EXTREMELY busy every day, for instance yesterday. I went to work, then to band practice and then to hang out with a couple of my high school girls, I left the house at 7:15am and I didn’t get home until after 9:30pm. I am not bored due to a lack of having things to do. I think that I am bored because I have done the same types of things for so long. I like the stuff I do, but I need some change.
As I started to think through this surprising desire or need for “risk” (for those not paying attention until now, I am NOT referring to the game Risk…though I do enjoy taking over the world), I started wondering if my recent life style of playing it safe is directly related to how I view God? I used to take risks. The last time was when I felt God tell me to go to Australia. I quit my job and left with only a plane ticket and ended up not only going to Australia, but also to Indonesia, and it changed my life. Here are a couple of pictures:
The Youth Leaders were creamed in a massive 100+ person food fight, I had no idea what was coming, but it was some sort of oatmeal, honey, food coloring mixture mess (AUS)
 We volunteered in the cafĂ© for the high school kid's events (AUS)

In Indonesia we hung out with the street kids, played games and tried to learn the language! (Indo)

We also got to play with the kids in the orphanage and help prepare a new building that was much larger! (Indo)
Side note: I cannot wait to adopt kids

But if this turned out so successfully, why don’t I take risks more often?  I have come up with two possibilities:

1. I don’t love something enough to take the risk to make it happen
2. I am too afraid of failure

Now I will respond to myself, excuse me while I expose you to some inner dialogue, self-diagnosis.

Both number 1 and number 2 have ultimately to do with fear. Fear to have passion or interests to pursue, or fear that things will not work out and that I’ll be stuck. But God doesn’t give or promote fear:
“But God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 2:7
In fact, I would venture to guess that when fear exists, it is because there is something missing in my belief system about God’s character, when I fear it means I do not trust him, nor do I believe Him or hear Him. So if I believe that fear is not of God, can I then walk in the opposite spirit and attempt to do the thing that causes timidity? I think so. Obviously, there are lines that need to be drawn here, I mean, it is ridiculous to do stupid things, so no, do not jump off your roof in hopes that you will fly. That is stupid. I am talking more about things like trying new hobbies, moving to a new country, going back to school, having “THAT conversation” with someone, those types of things.
Ok, I don’t have a great way to end this because this is subject matter that I am still processing through. This is the part I where I want your input, what do you think about risk? Maybe the ultimate question isn't about risk, but about loving something enough to risk loss or injury? What do you find valuable enough to take a risk? I am depending on you… as are many others reading this! So comment away!

Here is this week's video that I don't own!




Friday, February 1, 2013

Funny Friday

Some days are just full of funny little nuances that need to be intentionally noticed in order to entertain.  I have had such a day.

Last night a friend and I decided that we would take a spin class this morning. Spin classes are offered at most gyms and consist of stationary bikes, a small room, loud music, an instructor up front giving directions and lots, I mean LOTS of sweat.  One thing I have yet to mention is that often times spin classes are offered at an early morning time slot and at an evening time slot, so we decided to go to the early class as this is Friday and it is unlikely that I will have time, or desire to go to the gym on a Friday night (I am trying to give the illusion of “having a life”, is it working?), so this entire paragraph was to let you know that my day started at 4:30am.
Because I had to get up so early, I was not quite fully awake before I left the house. I thought I would chow down on an apple for some quick energy, I grabbed the apple, and promptly dropped it, practically threw it, on the hard tile, and watched it bounce about 3 times before I caught it….when I say “watched” I also mean “heard” as the apple was of the Granny Smith variety, the floor was made of hard tile and the house was quiet, so perfect bounce/sound combination.  I tweeted earlier (@adrienneyerzy) that I decided I could be described as a “hopeful” person since only such a person would dare think that the apple wouldn’t be too bruised for consumption after such a fight with the ground. It was delicious.

After the spin class I thought about how gyms should offer take out, not fast food, but for people. I just started working out again this week (at some point I will post about why I have been unable to work out) and because I did so many squats with so little muscle, post cycling me was pretty weak and I am just saying that it would have been nice if someone offered to take me out to my car.

I drove home and dragged my body into the house at about 6:10am and thought, “now what?” The thought of watching an episode of  “The Office” quickly entered my mind, but I didn’t want to tempt myself as one episode leads to another episode, and so on and so forth.  I didn’t have to drive to work for a while so I kind of just stood there lost for a few minutes, but finally the thought occurred to me to make breakfast (my favorite meal type) so I made some killer oatmeal (raisins, lots of cinnamon, a little brown sugar). As I re-read this I realize that you might not think it too funny, but if you could just picture me standing dazed in my own kitchen wondering if I should watch Dwight and “The Office” at 6:10 in the morning….well, I think it is funny so I am keeping this tidbit in.

At this point, actually around 7am every Friday, I have a heart to heart with myself regarding my office’s policy of allowing “Casual Friday.” Normally, I have to dress in business attire for work, but not on Fridays! I am always questioning if I have taken advantage of casual Friday and am often questioning where I should draw “THE line.” After much inner dialogue, I have decided that I cannot wear baseball hats, or any hat for that matter, but I CAN (and will) wear jeans. Today I threw on a sweater, skinny jeans (pushing the edge here), and boots. I will never be accused of not taking casual Friday seriously enough.
I finally got to work at 8am, with vanilla latte in hand (obviously) but soon after had to leave to go to the Court to file some documents. If you have ever had to file anything with the legal system, you will know that there is a LOT of waiting time and lots of opportunity to “people watch” and I was not disappointed this time. To my left, out of the corner of my eye I saw something sparkle. I turned to see what it was and it was a lady wearing some sort of purple pompom on her head. This was not a like a cute little hair tie with something fluffy attached, it was like a full sized, cheerleader’s pompom in lieu of hair…on her head. Based on my personal reaction to “pompom head”, I can only conclude that we likely all agree that one must not wear something so outrageously out of the ordinary on their head if one wishes to be taken seriously.

I continued to wait in line and noticed that behind the counter there were hearts everywhere. Red hearts hanging from the ceiling, sticker hearts sticking to the plastic windows, paper hearts pinned to the cubicle walls, I mean love was in the air, people. The place looked like it should be called “lover’s lane” unfortunately, there were few waiting in line waiting to take a magical walk, most people would have been happy with stamped papers, or just reasonable answers to their questions in a time sensitive manner.
(Side note: Speaking of “lovers” I am currently witnessing a “connection” being made at Starbucks. Awe...or more accurately, awkward. I hate witnessing awkward moments, even though I may not be  the target for the awkwardness fairy, I'll blush. Sigh.)

After I finished filing the documents, I drove back to work… and soon prepared to go home (we have a half day on Friday). Before I drove out of the parking lot, I got a notification from Facebook telling me that someone posted a photo on my wall. The photo is of my friend Bri, who I met in Australia but now lives in Florida.  Bri is a blogger for Compassion International as well as for a personal site and the photo was posted by my California friend, Kendra, who is has a blog for moms with young kids. The amazing thing about this little FB interaction is that Bri and Kendra, although they are my friends, didn’t know each other. Both of them told me that they were invited to a blogging conference and once I realized that they were going to the same place, immediately began working on getting them to meet each other! They both have such a gift with writing and such large followings that I just KNEW this would be a connection that at the very least would benefit their blogs and followers. This is one of those instances when I think that God is so big and the world is so small. Two people have a friend in common and meet at a location that neither lives in, both living 3,000 miles apart, all because I volunteered with YWAM 5 years ago. And I was right, now they are friends.

I would love for you to check out their sites:
Kendra’s site is called “Preschoolers and Peace” and you may visit it here.

Bri’s site is called “Our Savory Life” (about food and love) and you may visit it here. Bri also blogs for Compassion International and here is a link to their site.        

Well, that catches you up to my lunch time. I have no idea what is in store for the rest of the day. But one thing I do know, entertaining situations and interesting moments happen all the time, you just have to have your eyes open to the things happening around you and have command a good sense of humor.

Why not end this post with a funny clip from "The Office"? Here it is, another video I do not own:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Les Miserables, Mercy and Grace

In a few weeks I will have the opportunity to speak to a bunch of high school age kids.  They said I can speak about anything I want…Muahahahaha. But in all seriousness, I love this age group, and find it a little overwhelming to have all subject matter available to me at my discretion. How does one choose what to talk about? Well, I decided to talk about Les Miserables (please don’t roll your eyes….just read on, you’ll see), Mercy and Grace. Let me share with you “why”.

My favorite scene in Les Miserables (can be translated to The Miserable, or The Wretched)...(the 2012 movie version) is near the beginning when Jean Val Jean, a man who had recently been released from 19 years of prison for stealing a loaf of bread, searched in vain to find food and shelter. You see, no one wanted to take him in because his papers reflected his past and since everyone at that time was starving, he wasn’t worth a risk or precious food.  He roamed around, close to dying from hunger, when he stumbled upon a convent of sorts. The Bishop was the only one that offered him food and a warm, safe place to stay for the night. Once everyone was asleep, Jean Val Jean stole all the valuable silver and took off.  The Bishop’s wife was clearly unhappy when they woke to find that they had been robbed by the man they showed compassion to, but soon the police showed up with Jean Val Jean in chains. They showed the bag of stolen goods to the Bishop and told the bishop that the man said the bag of silver was a gift. This is where the movie gets good. The Bishop looked down at the pathetic, guilty, and angry Jean Val Jean and told the police that the man was telling the truth! That the silver WAS a gift and then said to Jean Val Jean, “You forgot I gave these also, would you leave the best behind”? “They are worth more, surely you forgot them” and then gave him the expensive, highly valuable candlesticks while the police watched in disbelief. The Bishop thanked the police for doing their job and dismissed them. Once they left, he told Jean Val Jean that he saved his soul for God and to use the items to live a life of honesty. Bam.

Let me submit my definitions for Mercy and Grace:
Mercy: NOT getting what you deserve

Grace: Getting what you DON’T deserve

Obviously, if the Bishop wanted to send Jean Val Jean back to prison, he was totally in the right, no one would have blinked an eye. But he held back and didn’t let Jean Val Jean get the punishment he deserved. Mercy.

On top of that, now this is the “kicker” for me, on TOP of not giving the thief what he deserved, he gave him some good stuff, the expensive candle sticks! Grace.
What was this guy’s motive? He didn’t get anything for showing Mercy or Grace to someone so clearly undeserving, maybe a “good feeling” but that doesn’t last long when you have no income, or financial stability. He must have placed his value, personal significance, and security in something else. SomeTHING else, or someONE else.

It reminds me of this poem I read:
“Praise the Lord, my soul,
And forget not all his benefits—
Who forgives all your sins
And heals all your diseases,
Who redeems your life from the pit
And crowns you with love and compassion,
Who satisfies your desires with good things
So that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s…” (Psalms 103:2-5)

So God gives new life, brings a person out of “The Pit,” which is totally an act of mercy because we all do things or create situations that make “The Pit” a consequence of those actions…But he doesn't stop there, on top of that redemptive act, he gives good stuff, he satisfies our desires with good things and renews our youth! That’s crazy stuff. I imagine that really getting this concept is the stuff that life change is made out of.  I mean, how can someone so forgiven, or released from obvious guilt not live in amazing freedom, especially when he receives good stuff on top of that so he is equipped of living a free man’s life!?
Can we take this back to Les Mis for a quick minute? Because of one Bishop’s actions towards one man, how many people reaped the benefit? Here are a few examples: Jean Val Jean (now to be known as JVJ) created a business situation that gave many poor people work, JVJ saved the man under from the weight of the cart, JVJ saved Fantine from immediate death from the hands of a ruthless man, JVJ saved the orphan named Cosette, JVJ saved Marius from the French soldiers, and he saved Javert from the French Student’s revolt. All these people received the benefits of the Bishop’s selfless act of releasing his rights in order to give Mercy and Grace.

Man, personally, it is easier for me to show Mercy to people than to show Grace (please note I specifically wrote "easier...than"). I can relent, but to relent AND be kind on top of it…it is a painful struggle I normally lose. Sometimes, there is not even a struggle. I am an example of a “work in progress.” Ah, but a work in progress is still a work in progress so there is hope! Are you with me?!

Alright, video time! I like this band, and I love this song (I do not own this video)!


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ingredients for Fun

I had been excited for this weekend for months. Back in the fall of 2007 I met 4 fabulous ladies in Australia (a story for another time) and we have made it a point to meet up in a different location once a year....though sometimes it is more often! This year we planned to meet up in the San Francisco area... And that is ALL we had planned. A “normal” group of people would probably have had an itinerary of sorts, but not us. We don’t roll that way, and we have “fun!” and yes, there is a difference between “fun” and “fun!” and I am going to attempt to share this with you.

I was the last one to arrive Saturday morning, and the excitement was incredible, because I. KNOW. THESE. LADIES. We don’t fly to a different location every year “just because.” We do it because we are “fun!” Each lady possesses a desire for excitement, laughter, something new, good pictures, (I am going to add shopping in parenthesis, because I am sure this is already assumed), and for good, nay, AMAZING memories.  So the expectations for our weekend trips are always high, and we are never disappointed. Here are a few necessary ingredients for a fun trip:
Before our weekend trip had even begun, the saga had started because packing must first be accomplished before departure (insert ominous music here).  I don't know who I think I am, but I had the "brilliant" idea that I could pack for a weekend trip within 30 minutes. I will go into more detail below, but if you don’t have a plan for the weekend, then it is pretty difficult to pack for a weekend trip. So of course, the best thing to do is pack for ANY occasion. If you are a guy reading this and not of the metro persuasion, let me explain, this means that if there are MANY different types of outfits then there must also be MANY types of shoes that need to be included and they ALL have to be crammed into a little overnight bag... don't even get me started on jackets, makeup, hair dryers, straighteners, etc. After successfully using every bit of available space in the overnight bag, the thought had occurred to me to sell my expertise of space conservation to potato chip companies. But I digress.

We met Saturday morning and after much laughing and talking, quickly took off to go. Go where? We do most of our planning en route, so the first thing is to get into a car and go. While driving we decided the general list of things we were going to accomplish: Take our traditional coffee picture at Starbucks (this is really one of our number one things to do and is time specific as we need to do this picture first thing in the morning, so for a weekend trip, that means we have only 2 options: Saturday morning or Sunday morning), go outlet shopping-day trip, go wine tasting in Napa-day trip, have amazing breakfast on Sunday morning, make a Paleo-style dinner Sunday night, watch Downton Abbey Sunday night, and stay up late…ok, this last one was really a plan that I had to make for myself, because I am not traditionally a night person. Not at all, actually.
Example: Girls' Latte Picture from New York 2010
The spontaneous dance party should also be a part of any fun weekend, obviously. This dance party can happen everywhere and anywhere. If you are on the go, you can have it in the car, but make sure there is always a good soundtrack available. I'm not going to pretend like Brittney Spears didn't occasionally visit our weekend drive sessions. We have even come up with “moves” to our favorite selections and dance parties often turn into cardio/calorie burn parties. That, my friends, is what you call a "win-win".

Although you may not think the above list is that extreme, you may not realize that a drive to Napa is not just “a drive to Napa”. For instance, if along the way you drive by an antique store, or privately owned one-of-a-kind boutique, and there is an open parking space out front, there will of course be an immediate diversion from the set course into said empty parking space, an immediate pause in the plan and an instant stop along the way. So if you have an hour long drive, the amount of possible side stops are countless. Flexibility is a key factor for a successful weekend trip and a huge indicator of what type of “fun” will be had.

Food is something that brings people together, we need it, we like it, we consume it. So if you want to have a good time you have to have good food. So our plans for Paleo-Dinner obviously needed to be changed. I would say that cooking (when there is time for it and it is not rushed) is fun, but when you have a large kitchen full of friends cooking together, listening to music, the fun becomes “fun!” We had our 2 head chefs that were in charge of the stove area and thus the main course and side dish (scallops and risotto). We had the kitchen photographer capturing the moments. We had the table settler and wine pourer. And then we had me, the chopper/measuring cup estimator/dish washer. All these positions were important and necessary ingredients for a good time and a good meal. Especially if you wanted perfectly chopped parsley as a garnish...thank you, no thank you.

Awkward Laughter:
Initially, this doesn’t seem like it belongs in a recipe for a good time, but let me explain. While wine tasting we went to an awesome vineyard that I had been wanting to visit for quite some time. The man leading our tasting was not only knowledgeable on wines, grapes, family, but basically thought he had the answers to all of life's questions. Yay. You can probably imagine that one with such a large…personality, might find it difficult to keep the tasting moving along in front of 5 ladies, so to keep the tasting moving, we found it best to insert some laughter when necessary to fill the void of empty jokes, or failed attempts to seem like a ladies man, aka “catch”. For you younger people reading this, I am trying to artfully explain that someone was attempting to prove he had SWAG, but did not have it.  So the laughs, however awkward, became a way to keep things moving, a method to regulate and control time.
If you think these ladies are fun, you should visit their sites because they are also creative. I am serious, do it: This one is on food and love, and this one is on photography.

Well, I think that concludes this post recipe for fun. I have left a few pieces of this weekend’s happenings out as I will likely write another post about awkwardness and will need to refer to this weekend later on (my first installment on awkwardness can be found here). That, my friends, is what I call a “tease” and you’ll have to keep reading my posts, I guess.

For those of you that are new to reading my posts (first, thank you and welcome), I end each post with a video that I do not own, and I felt this one was appropriate for this weekends trip, so here you go!
“Classy Girls”-Lumineers






Thursday, January 10, 2013

Branching Out: Supper Club Style

Let me start off this post with some good old fashioned stereotyping, it hasn’t hurt anyone yet, right?

-Married Group: Single people have not yet reached “adult status” regardless of age, and wouldn’t understand real issues and problems associated with life after marriage, besides, it is too irritating to hear singles complaining about all the “freedom” they have.

-Singles Group: We have nothing but free time and need to party all the time, married people aren’t welcome because they always have to plan hang out time and we don’t like to plan. Additionally, it is annoying to hear married people complaining about their spouse when “options” are scarce.

-Hipsters: We don’t care about anything but making ugly stuff look cool, so if your sense of style is classy, preppy, or “other”, then you won’t fit in.

-Grey Haired Group: It is too hard to keep up with technology so we don’t have anything in common with the younger crowd. It is easier to talk about how things used to be amazing until the younger generations messed it all up. Besides, the young people don’t have time to talk to us, they are too busy have sex and being promiscuous.

-Social Justice Group: We are the only ones who care about the world and people, if you live in an advanced nation, you don’t have any problems that are worthy of complaint. We want to actively participate in change.

-Mom Group: Our lives belong to our children, if you don’t have kids, you don’t understand. Stop making us feel bad that we cannot squeeze you in between dance class, baseball games, soccer, cheerleading, laundry and bath time.

Hopefully, I haven’t offended too many people. The point is that with the ridiculousness of some of these above mentioned stereotypes is a little bit of truth in how we think about these groups. We don’t hang out with certain types of people because of how we view ourselves and the groups we do or don’t associate with. So, we stay in “our” group of friends because it is safer and easier, effectively cutting out the rest of the world.

What I want to talk about it is how to facilitate change in a community. This is a subject that I think about all the time and often feel overwhelmed by it, but I want to know what I can do as an individual to participate in making good changes. When I refer to “community” I am often thinking of my specific city, but this applies to you, regardless of location. I want my city to be better, in order for that to happen, some things need to change. But what needs to change? What needs to happen to accomplish this change?

Change is when you make something different, you “alter” something. So, one may conclude that if you want a larger group to change (aka a city), then the individuals in that group (citizens) must also change. Herein lies a problem. We don’t think we need to change. We think by default that “I am right”, “they” need help, “they” aren’t doing it right, “they” should be doing it differently, “they” made bad choices, I could go on and on because I have thought all those things. I think that we are allowed by the groups we hang out with to think this way because we tend to hang out with people that think similarly to ourselves and are not challenged to think differently, perhaps, from a different view point.

Now I will give an example of branching out. I have a friend named Tawny Labarbera who together with her friend Lindsay had the great idea of starting Supper Club. The idea of course was birthed at a birthday party. Every other month a different person hosts the club and everyone brings a dish of some sort to share. We eat great food, drink great wine, and laugh a lot! Every event is different and new people are always showing up, some are single, some are moms, some are dating, some have kids, you get the point, everyone could be identified with a “different group”.   I didn’t know any of these people before I showed up. Yeah, it was a little awkward showing up to a house belonging to someone I didn’t know and to hang out with people that are crazy (crazy fun, I mean!), but that’s what branching out is all about (though at one point, I did stand at someone’s door who had no idea what Supper Club was, only to find out that I was at the wrong house, sigh)! I met some amazing people through this club that I wouldn’t have met otherwise! (I would also like to take a minute to plug Tawny’s Etsy site, she makes really cool clocks, buy one here!) And if your fear of awkwardness is keeping you away from trying new things or meeting new people, check out my thoughts on awkwardness here.

Here are a few pictures from our previous Supper Club events; maybe you will want to start something like this (I want to credit Melissa Cahoon for the awesome pics!):

Don’t become stagnant or culturally irrelevant because you refuse to branch out. Be proactive in finding new people to mingle with and bring new people into your circle, mix it up! Have conversations that are different from the norm because you are hanging out with people that are different from the norm.  And if you need to take someone with you, I will volunteer! I love meeting new people and need to be challenged with new social situations too! Who knows what kind of change can be brought about by simply making more friends?

And with that, I end this post with a song. This song doesn't necessarily have to do with the post itself, but if you are going to be throwing parties to meet new people, then you need to have a good play list, so here is a song from a band I love (no, I do not own this video, yes, I want to see this band live, and if this band comes to your party, I better get an invite): The Avett Brothers-Kick Drum Heart

(Please feel free to give me feedback and ideas!)