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Friday, January 4, 2013

Broken Heart

I think that it is normally more interesting to hear about the heart that has been broken from a relationship because then you get juicy details sometimes rivaling the drama of Kardashians, or entertainment magazines. No, I am not going to spill my guts or failed relationship attempts in this post, there is always time for that later (or never), but this morning I witnessed something that broke my heart in a different way.  

I was driving to a meeting on one of my town’s most trafficked streets, so stopping right away wasn’t an option, there were too many people driving like crazies late for work. I saw out of the corner of my eye a female running on the sidewalk, but she was wearing jeans and something didn’t seem right. I saw that not too far behind her was a man, and he suddenly took off running after her and he suddenly threw something at her. That is when I had to make a U-Turn because something has to be done when a person is in trouble! What I saw happened so fast that it took me a minute to get back to the location where I saw the interaction, but once I got there I saw that the man was gone and the “woman” was on the other side of the street…but in fact was also a man, dressed in a “pretty woman” outfit. Suddenly the whole thing was clear to me. And my heart broke.
People, we have to deal with our identity issues and insecurities now! Time is not always on your side, don’t wait. If you do not know whose image you bear, that you are a magnificent creature, a being more detailed and complex than anything else on this earth, then you are not going to live a life worthy of that complexity. I need to “soap-box-it” for a minute. I am tired of seeing girls bearing it all to attract some guy in order to feel valued. I am tired of seeing guys obsessed with video games because a game won’t create an opportunity for rejection. I am tired of seeing people work out like crazy to achieve a certain body image, when the purpose of being healthy and fit is to have a body that is most capable of being able to carry your personality, thoughts, and heart in ways that it can best interact with other people.  Ok, I am stepping off the soap box.
Because of whose image you bear, you are worth more than the life you have settled for. You are capable of great things, go for it! If something his holding you back in your thoughts, attack it. Walk in the opposite! For example, if you think nobody likes you (who doesn’t have that thought at some point?) so you shut yourself up indoors, then be proactive and find a group of people to hang out with. Yes, it may be awkward (see my post on awkwardness here), but so what?! Challenge yourself and get out there. We are all links in a chain, you need someone and someone needs you. Find a strong person to link up with and someone you can help. We live in a community (whether local or global) that needs strengthening, people, and it starts with you!
I have realized that I like to end my posts with a video to drive home a point. I know this one may seem long, but by now you should realize I do not suffer from bad taste, so watch it. Seriously, my mind was blown after I watched this video I do not own the first time. If you do not have much experience studying the Bible, then you can start the play button at 9:52.


  1. Amen! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Thank you, I want people to get this so badly!